Christophe Pain
Digs the goldmine of hidden talent

Today, the real question facing the recruiting company manager is that of human potential and its development. When the need to succeed comes through the right to make mistakes…

According to Christophe Pain, management specialist (at Cabinet Amanar Consulting), to free energies, you need to, first of all, reveal the hidden competences of our future managers. “A real goldmine” that everyone will soon have to dig into because of the retirement of the “baby boomers” starting from 2009. But how? “Make them authors, they will become actors. This saying could summarise the training principles of the growth enablers who are managers. Giving responsibilities is allowing total mobilisation. It is also accepting that experimentation is not just a method of learning but the only possible one as highlighted by Leonardo da Vinci”. Colgate, who wondered once how to increase its sales, illustrates the image of a creative company that taps into the “collective brain” and considers every idea. “Part of the solution came from a cleaning lady who suggested increasing the diameter of the tubes of toothpaste”.

This means that the skill of a company manager is to place people in the best possible role, precisely “where their genius can develop, which also means recognising that each person has the right to make mistakes”. It is therefore necessary to test and control the initiatives that mould, in a unique way, the development of humans and their skills with the support of a tutor. Never trying to transpose or copy existing methods. “After all, if the only tool you have happens to be a hammer, you will find that most of your problems take the shape of a nail” (H.T.)