Amanar Consulting

Personal coaching

  • You must quickly adapt to your new position
  • You cannot optimise your use of time
  • You find it difficult to manage some of your colleagues
  • You are not happy with the results of your 360 degree feedback and you want to strengthen your knowledge in your field
  • You wish to take time out to consider a difficult situation
  • You or one of your colleagues have been lacking motivation for a while
  • You are having difficulties with your superiors
  • You want to improve your management techniques
  • You are unhappy with your current professional circumstances
  • You would like support to develop your potential and skills

Group coaching

  • You have decided to use different pedagogies to enhance your teams’ talents
  • You want your colleagues to take ownership of your ideas
  • You are unsure of how best to delegate
  • Your colleagues think that you spend too much time in meetings
  • Your operating rules and structures are unsuitable or not implemented
  • You are an expert who wants to move into process management
  • You are going through important relational difficulties
  • As a manager or with your management team, you wish to be guided to reach a milestone and to continuously improve

Personal development

  • You want to deal with your own weaknesses or to discover your hidden talents
  • You are close to burn-out and need a change
  • You want to gain a better understanding of yourself
  • The level of stress brought on by some situations is incompatible with the way you want to live your life
  • Personal difficulties prevent you from using your talents for your company’s benefit

Team building

  • You want your colleagues to know each other better to work more effectively as a team
  • You wish to identify “common values”, an “ideal” and an action plan
  • You need to regulate the interactions within a team