Amanar Consulting

Manpower measurement, 360 degree feedback, social audit, social observatory

  • Your management team’s practices are diverse and you want to give your executives a common management culture
  • Your managers cannot identify which of their management techniques need improving
  • You are finding that annual appraisals lack realism and honesty and you wish to use a reliable benchmark from one year to the next
  • You want to anonymously and reliably query your colleagues regarding the mood, the motivation, the degree of commitment, identify the controls and use this information to help you make decisions

Skills Appraisal

  • Professionally, you are at a crossroads and wish to take a break to look at your future career in a new light
  • You wish to motivate one of your colleagues to remain with the organisation, if necessary by promoting them in their role or by allowing them to progress through an internal promotion within the company
  • You want to obtain confirmation of your desire to change and a realistic and achievable action plan to meet this important objective
  • You want to find a job or occupation that meets your skills, aspirations, personality and values
  • You wish to go from redundancy to a new professional start and therefore transform a situation that was out of your control into a professional opportunity


  • You want to professionally analyse your real recruitment needs
  • You are wondering how to match the company identity to the profile of the required candidate
  • You want us to help you identify a short-list of candidates and to advise you on the final decision because of the high cost of hiring the wrong candidate
  • You want to objectively identify the changes of successfully integrating a candidate into your company
  • You would like us to follow up on the integration of your colleague to maximise their commitment to your organisation or the effectiveness of their performance

Head hunting

  • You are looking for a 3, 4 or 5 legged chicken
  • You need to quickly find the perfect candidate that is lacking in your company but do not have the time to look for them
  • You want to incorporate into your company the key success factors of your competitors by appropriate recruitment
  • You wish to recruit a colleague who is reliable, effective and operational immediately