Amanar Consulting

Management of people

  • You find that your managers do not take enough responsibility
  • You do not know how to share your vision of your company with your employees
  • You know that without goals, your colleagues will only complain about the present
  • You would like all your colleagues to pull in the same direction

Project Management

  • You must have available all the information required to make, at the right time, all the decisions allowing you to meet the terms of the contracts agreed with your clients
  • You are trying to improve cross-functional cooperation and make your colleagues more dynamic

Guided reflection with teams and executive committees

  • You want to organise a seminar to implement change
  • You want to clarify your company’s vision for the next 3 to 5 years

Implementation of management synergies

  • You wish to develop at least one of these three management levels:
    • Expertise (being responsible for the team’s work, of the “what” to do)
    • Process (being responsible of “how” to make the team work)
    • Strategy (answering the questions “where are we going?” and “why are we working?”)
  • You wish to be able to count on your executives’ involvement and commitment