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Career Path

A “Compagnon du Tour de France” (master craftsman) more than 20 years ago, financial and administrative director of an import-export business ten years ago, he currently works as a management and organisational consultant.

As a result of his varied and unusual professional career, he has acquired values such as respect for others and their history, and sharing of knowledge.
This colourful career gave him a perfect understanding of management and of the ingredients that can make the success or the failure of any organisation.
At the age of 35, he decided to perfect his knowledge of companies and began studying organisational engineering before joining a project management company where he acted as a consultant for blue chip companies and large local authorities.

Faithful to the values he acquired as a craftsman, he is currently an Associate Director of AMANAR and helps companies understand one of the major challenges of our times, complexity.

Recent qualifications include: