Philippe AGNESE

Career Path

After a few years in sales and management, Philippe decided at the age of 32 to further his management skills and joined the ISGA, a famous management school in France. Vice Director of a vocational rehabilitation centre for the past 6 years, he extended his experience by practising management in difficult conditions, i.e. need to reform an organisation in difficulty in the context of strong resistance to change. In this role he had the opportunity to apply management theory and implement effective strategies, while taking into account the company culture, power-games and his colleagues'potential.

Intervening in areas of consultancy, support and training, he had sufficient hindsight to remain aware of the concerns of any professional.

He is currently a consultant mainly with Euromed in Marseille, at the IAE in Aix en Provence and has an active role in the AVARAP 13, a support organisation for executives starting out in their career or change.