Amanar Consulting

AMANAR, more than a symbol, a philosophy

AMANAR is a Touareg word meaning "Guide or Leader",
It refers to the constellation that caravan drivers have been using to guide themselves in the desert since the beginning of time.
Today these caravans are public or private organisations trading around the globe or overseeing the development of a region; their leaders are managers seeking the best route towards the oasis of success.
Our goal: To allow you to find simple answers to your most complex problems with the guidance of our team of consultants.

AMANAR is a human wealth developer

We believe that the main capital of an organisation is human capital: Men and women who represent the evolving wealth of your organisation, capable of growing the financial or material resources so cherished by managers. While helping you to develop your human capital, your organisation will become increasingly synonymous with abundance and success in terms of economic results and differentiating skills.

Innovation and training

We constantly challenge ourselves to offer what is best, different and innovative. Each of our consultants spends, on average, from 9 to 19 days a year on professional training and personal development.
Each year, they are required to write an essay relating to one of our areas of expertise and to share the fruits of their research with the team. The office was created in January, 2005

AMANAR Human Wealth

Each assignment is led by one of the company's associate directors.

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Our staff and partners:

  • Catherine ZAGOURI, management and coaching  lien
  • Philippe AGNESE, management  

Area of expertise

We assist clients irrespective of their geographic location or area of development (from Marseille to Lille from Bordeaux to Strasbourg, from Lyon to Nantes, and also in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia).

AMANAR is identified with the DIRECCTE as the training institution under the number 93131200013